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We’ve restocked our Slurp Bags!


After the incredible success of our first launch we have a new 200 bags ready to be sold. Make sure to grab either your Vegetable Medley or Jumping Veg Shopper Bag so you can make your next trip to the store easy, sustainable, and beneficial to the local community!

Slurp is a social enterprise that aims to help the homeless community in Edinburgh, so each of our profits are reinvested into our Buy One, Share One scheme. For each bag sold we reinvest the money into purchasing necessary items, such as hot flasks or socks, and hand them out to those who are rough sleeping. After our last sales we were able to purchase 50 thermal flasks that are being distributed to those on the streets to ensure they have the opportunity to get a hot tea or coffee so THANK YOU!

To buy our merchandise, click on the products to be taken to our external shopping page.

If you live in the local Edinburgh area and we like to pick up your tote bag rather than have it shipped please use the discount code LOCALPICKUP (and don’t forget to click the + button) to remove the shipping cost!

Please send us a message on our Facebook Page or send an email to to arrange a pickup.

Shipping is currently only available within the UK.


Additionally, if you would like to make a one-off donation to Slurp (which would be gratefully received!) please follow the link below:

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