About Slurp


Our Aims

Slurp’s mission is to help the homeless population of Edinburgh through both voluntary work and financial backing. Our dual strategy consists of making and distributing soup to service users at Streetwork twice a week, as well as selling merchandise that spreads awareness about the homeless community while raising money to buy tangible items that will benefit those most vulnerable in Edinburgh, such as flasks.


Our Achievements

Our partnership with Streetwork has been flourishing since its conception in September 2018, with healthy yet hearty soup bringing warmth and comfort to service users. Gary, one of the service users and our resident chef, volunteers with us twice a week and helps to create an inclusive environment and sense of community. Our soup is always vegan, and is produced from surplus food waste collected from the local Lidl store through their Feed is Back program, enabled by Neighbourly. The support we gain through these partnerships is crucial to making Slurp a sustainable brand that helps both the homeless of Edinburgh and the environment.

Our Products


Besides our delicious soups made twice weekly at Streetwork, we have designed and produced two shopper bags, which went on sale in December 2018. A hugely successful Christmas period earned over £600 in profit, which we used to buy flasks to distribute amongst rough sleepers in Edinburgh. Our product development team are currently working on Slurp socks, which will directly benefit the homeless community through a “Wear one, share one” scheme. We are very grateful to everyone who has supported and continues to support us in this new direction of merchandise. 


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